To Give

by Old Sport

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This album is dedicated to Simon Katz


released November 16, 2015

Old Sport is Derek, Andy, Amos and Ross

Recorded and mixed by Charlie O'Neil in The Attic Over the Rainbow

Mastered by Greg Lindholm

Album artwork by Kayla Moore

Additional vocals on #7 by Adam Croft and Cole Janzen

more thanks and shoutouts to Derek's parents, Aaron Saye and Seventh Circle Music Collective, Babe Haus, Maxim Popoff and Evan Kallas, Kelsey Hatcher, Jared Barnes, Anterroir, stoic., Euth, Whitecatpink, Use the Sun and Boats Without Oars.



all rights reserved


Old Sport Denver, Colorado

have fun

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Track Name: Grit Magnum
I can't feel the ground
beneath my feet
There's no describing
what this gravity
does to me

(wallow in the mud/ in your shallow grave)
Track Name: Lethal, Like American Psycho
Wait for the shock of everything to go away
It's time for me to accept my own responsibility
This is nights spent drunk in the back of someone's car
This is holding on and re-branding of old scars

You say you know me
You swear you know me
When I promise you everything
And I can't give you anything at all

The weight of using my actions are coming clear cause I wish could be someone else entirely
This is knowingly using your insecurities
And blaming her for ruining me completely

Wish we were sturdier houses with stronger foundations don't we
Instead this is a murder scene we cover up with promising expectations
Track Name: Car Smashing
Move out in empty spaces I am transparent
Fixed on the idea of being alone or worthless
Like the time you said you didn't get butterflies and you were guilty
And we shut up and left the house and went to Panera for dinner

They say I'll rest easy one day
and I'm not quite sure that I believe them

I won't
I won't
I won't fucking believe them
Track Name: Woebegone
"Move away from the edge kid"
It had been the first freeze of the year
My face was incredibly red breath suspended in air
Short foot shuffles take me further terror wrought spectating eyes
The ice cracked a cold rush followed my vision went black the air left my lungs
Pulled to the surface I should of drowned I should had died

Am I really alive if I can't live with myself for this?
(Where did my self worth go?)
And if I'm alive, shouldn't this life be someone else's?
(I'll send it down below)
Am I really alive?
Track Name: Sky Uppercut
(things, once important, now mean nothing)
Track Name: Dimir
Your frame was frail I was staring out of the window
It had snowed a few days ago most of which had melted leaving the landscape naked and hopeless
The trees losing their leaves

I was detached there was the hum of medical equipment
There were nurses talking in the hall
We were discussing where we would send you and by we I mean they

Give it back

Getting ill has never been up to us neither is our recovery
It happens on the terms decided by the people who paid to much for their degrees

Give it back
Track Name: A Handful of Hot Coffee
My physical structure
is deteriorating
the matter I'm made of
doesn't matter in the long run

Systems closing down
(synapse misfires)
Wearing thin, transparent
My skin melts away
I feel nothing

Pain + ecstacy
Are mere memories
laying dorman
I exist
I only exist

Systems shutting down
(synapse misfires)
Lost sense of self
Fading away

I will die
There's no way to stop this
I will die
I am fading away
I am dying
Breath after breath,
breath after breath
I am dying
Track Name: Human Growth and Development
Take a walk by my window
Possess'd by peeping t0m
Curiosity is only deadly to cats
Seek yr refuge here
Come 2 me and let me take yr soul

In the morning I don't know where I'll be
but I hope that it's a better place

And the first part of the worst part is that I never meant to say those things about gravity are you mad at me
And you've got a weight inside of you that you've been drinking away for years
You get so nervous when my hands shake cause your father was drinker and you can't wish it away
I've been working 9 to 5's to forget how your life is the worst part of my existence sometimes

I am the only worst part try to place the blame on cigarettes or someone else

(in the morning I don't know where I'll be
but I hope that it's a better place)
Track Name: Light Green
You spent all of your days pulling the wings off of moths
And I tackled you out in the school yard
A quiet sort of anger that wells up inside
I never did forgive your lying eyes

And I don't give a shit about how you want to leave this fucking town
My cousin almost died and I wish I were alive but I'm here wasting my time
Track Name: Pingree Pass
......happy trails friends....